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6.30am Pick up at your hotel in Bangkok.
7.30am Arrive at the ancient city, visit specially created and merged to reflect a  social and cutural atmosphere in the past new creations such as the Sumeru mountain the statue of the goddess of mercy, Kuan Yin been incorporated to convey the cultural and relegious beliefs of people in these ancient communities.
11.30am Transport back to your Hotel.
To collect cultural and art work of Thailand to be a learning source, the Ancient City emphasizes on the distinguished and unique pieces of art from different periods, the representatives of folk cultural cultivation. Some periods were overlapping in time as the rise of one community could take place anytime without the decline of the existing one. Hence, it is found that each community developed its civilization within the similar time frame, but its peak was different depending on who was the strongest and most flourishing at a particular time. The most outstanding at the period could manifest its superior prosperity before others, yet as the leading kingdom began to recline, the rising one would replace the former at once with its own manifestation.
The periods accumulated here are arranged in order of their distinct revelation, ranging from pre-historic era, Dvaravati, Srivichai, Lopburi, Lanna, Lan Chang, Sukhothai, U-tong, Ayuthaya, Thonburi and Rattanakosin.

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